The History of Urban Life

Readings and Additional Resources


Open Stax U.S. History,“Urbanization and Its Challenges

________________, “After World War II-The Great Society

Finesurrey, Samuel and Gary Greaves (2021) “A Brief History Black Struggles for Liberation in the United States.”

Finesurrey, Samuel, Waleska Cabrera, Meldis Jimenez, Brittiny Ando, Alanna Garcia, Alexander Garcia, Jayden Johnstone, Abdul Mohammed, Sheylany Paulino, Edwin Reed, Emelyn Saavedra, Gisselle Saavedra, Rajendra Singh, Aysia Smith, and Marlena Syriaque (June 2021) “Dreaming of Home: Youth Researchers of Color Address NYC’s Housing Crisis,”

Larson, Julia (2008)  “David Ruggles (1810-1849)” Black Past.

Governor Robert Hunter to Lord of Trade (1712-1713) “Letters on the 1712 Slave Revolt.”

Pérez, Lisandro (2018) “Sugar, Cigars, and Revolution: The Making of Cuban New York” (New York, NYC: NYU Press).

Schomberg Center for Research in Black Culture, “Black New Yorkers (1613-1865),” Black New Yorkers (1866-1915),” “Black New Yorkers (1916-1939), “Black New Yorkers (1940-1959),” andBlack New Yorkers (1960-2010).” 

Singer, Alan J. (2018) “The Case Against Peter Stuyvesant,” New York Almanack.

Surrey, David (1982) “Draft RiotsChoice of Conscience (New York, NY: Praeger).

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Resources on UN Sustainable Development Goals

Reduced Inequality UNESCO 

UN Sustainable Development Goals: Reduce Inequality

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